Blade Efficiency – Reducing Your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint

In these days of climate change we are very aware that  energy savings and carbon reduction are a critical and inherent part of any equipment design, we at Blades have designed and built the most energy efficient gas water heaters currently on the market using all our experience and technology from the efficient heat transfer to flue gas heat recovery to create the most energy efficient water heaters.

10 Year Warranty- Inspires Product Confidence

Water heaters are essential to modern living and businesses and we understand that clients need confidence in our products. We have been producing gas fired water heaters since 2009 and since that time hundreds of our units have been successfully installed in all types of commercial premises from Hotel, care home theatres and Retail operations to list but a few. The Blade water heaters are manufactured using only high-quality products which enables us to offer our clients a 10-year warranty.

Factory Assembled and Tested – Reducing Installation Times

The Blade water heaters offer many installation benefits as they are factory built self-contained units ready to install and simply requiring connection to local building services. Every Blade is factory tested prior to dispatch giving the client and contractor confidence that installation times can be reduced and programme dates achieved.

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