Twin Range

This WATER HEATER design is our TWIN RANGE, has been specifically designed for larger projects or where an element for fault tolerance is required in one self-contained frame configuration. As with our Premium Range, The TWIN RANGE combines high performance and the best efficiencies ( without using recovery or renewable additions ) ensuring good value for money compared with units of a similar duty on the market

The TWIN RANGE units are constructed to the same high standards and design principle as our single units but with duplicate boilers, plate heat exchangers and destratification pumps serving a single standard 500 litre cylinder (other cylinder sizes can be provided) each boiler package can work independently of the other unit, giving a high degree of fault tolerance, we advise that the 130% fault tolerance rule is applied that is the total boiler power provide is 130% of the maximum required therefore if there is a fault on one boiler set, 65% of maximum demand can still be provided. A combined boiler outputs of 60, 80, 100, 140 180 and 230kW can be provided.

This is a flexible designed unit consisting of three separate self-contained frames which can be configured in various footprint layouts to give flexibility in plant room integration. All inter-connecting components between each frame are supplied to give easy site assembly.

Each frame is prefabricated and is delivered to site pre-tested it only needs the final connections to the existing services and commissioning, saving time and installation costs and the down time of the existing services.

The Blade concept is to use a very efficient grade A condensing boiler either NG or LPG with a matched output plate heat exchanger, these in combination with a stainless steel direct cylinder and destratification pump rapidly heat up from cold and rapid recovery during operation (see this link to principle of design). This design allows us to specify smaller boilers and cylinders than our competitors .

If more efficiency is required, then please go to our recovery and renewable section in the website.

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Installation Diagram

Technical Data