Premium Range

This WATER HEATER design is our PREMIUM RANGE, combining high performance and the best efficiencies (without using recovery or renewable additions) in a space efficient frame ensuring good value for money compared with units of a similar duty on the market.

This is a very compact free-standing unit making it ideal for efficiency upgrade orequipment failure replacement to existing system.

As the WATER HEATER is totally prefabricated and is delivered to site pre-tested it only needs to be connected to the existing services and commissioned, saving time and installation costs and the down time of the existing services.

The Blade concept is to use a very efficient grade A condensing boiler either NG or LPG with a matched output plate heat exchanger, these in combination with a stainless steel direct cylinder and destratification pump rapidly heat up from cold and rapid recovery during operation (see this link to principle of design).

This design allows us to specify smaller boilers and cylinders than our competitors;

Our range of water heaters include 30, 40 , 50 , 70 , 90 and 115kW boilers with
either 200 or 300 litre cylinders.

They can also be linked together to provide higher DHW outputs and
consequentially more heat load for the larger premises.

If more efficiency is required, then please go to our recovery and renewable section in the website.

Click HERE to view the Data-sheet.

How it works

The illustration below shows the principle components of the BLADE water heater system, and how they work together to make a very efficient water heater.

On the left we have a fully condensing grade A modulating gas boiler with stainless steel components, either (NG) or (LPG). This supply, the full flow brazed stainless steel Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE), which separates the heating from the domestic water, and is sized to match the boiler output.

The next component is a stainless steel direct hot water storage cylinder, with stainless steel destratification pump. Using these high-quality components, allows us to give a 10 year warranty on this product. Once the system time clock is activated to provide hot water, (before any hot water can be drawn off) the cylinder needs to be brought up to operational temperature.

Initially the cylinder thermostat will activate the boiler and the destratification pump. The internal pump within the boiler will circulate heating water through the plate heat exchanger, and the destratification pump will also circulate the cylinder water through the same plate heat exchanger.

Once the cylinder achieves operating temperature the thermostat will control the on off periods of the boiler and destratification pump, these will remain operational all the time the hot water system is activated. As hot water is drawn off cold water will need to refill the cylinder, as it enters the cylinder it naturally mixes with the hot water at the bottom of the cylinder and hot water return, we call this area the THERMAL MIXING ZONE, this raises the temperature of the incoming cold water, prior to it being drawn by the destratification pump into the PHE, we call this process PROGRESSIVE HEAT GAIN, this has the effect of increasing the heat transfer rate through the PHE and reducing the recovery rate of the cylinder. Benefits include :

Reduced cylinder recovery rate meaning smaller cylinders can be used, reduces the likelihood of legionella as the destratification pump ensures the uniform heat throughout the cylinder, during a heat up cycle and a more efficient use of boiler power.

Technical Data