10 years experience – 10 year guarantees

At Blades, we have been supplying water heaters for the last 10 years and appreciate the importance of having a reliable and efficient hot water delivery system.

Our range of water heaters can also be configured to provide space heating and hot water if required

A critical element of modern living is the need for hot water provision, it is as necessary as clean drinking water and the internet and has almost become an essential service in the home or business.

High performance and super-efficient heating solutions

The Blades Low Carbon Systems range of water heaters brings together our experience in design, construction, and operation to produce and deliver high performance and super-efficient water and space heating solutions to the domestic and commercial sectors. The Blade Water Heater is more efficient than the direct fire type of water heater.

Our design concept is to use gas to its maximum efficiency and to incorporate all necessary components into a purpose made mild steel free standing frame, especially suitable to be used as a replacement to existing systems.

The design also allows us to readily incorporate RENEWABLE AND RECOVERED energy sources to increase the efficiency of the WATER HEATER.

Our frames have been designed as mobile units, easily handled into position and to fit through standard doorways

Our standard modular design gives the client uniformity of high quality components throughout the entire estate, Blade products are all capable of being adapted to provide space heating. 10 year warranties are standard through the range (if installation and servicing instructions are followed)

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