Our systems are efficiently powering hot water for retail outlets, public sector buildings, leisure facilities, hotel chains and education providers up and down the country.

We work closely with facilities managers and consultants to provide bespoke hot water solutions for property portfolios – enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills. As well as being a very efficient and reliable water heater we have found that our products have specific advantages in the various commercial sectors.

Schools and Universities

Our factory assembled pre-fabricated and tested format has allowed clients to proceed with major boiler replacement programmes with confidence knowing that they will be completed and commissioned on time during the summer recess.

Our PLUS range which includes the Passive flue gas heat recovery system has been used as a teaching aid demonstrating how energy and carbon emission saving can be achieved through new technology and inventiveness.

Commercial Laundries

We have learned that the most important requirement for a water heater in commercial laundry, is the ability to keep the washing machine operating at their maximum economic wash cycle rate which means that all machines requires a high hot water flow rate and a high cylinder replenishment rate, these are all achievable by using our TWIN range of water heaters with the added advantage of a high degree of fault tolerance.


We have found that the retail sector requires a very competitive price unit which is compact and delivers sufficient quantities of hot water for there needs. With the added confidence of having a unit with a 10 year warranty.


Apart from delivering sufficient hot water for the maximum demand, the other main criteria is to ensure there is a high degree of fault tolerance built in to the water heaters. With our TWIN unit the main boiler modules can operate independently, so a boiler failure will not curtail the hot water supply. This together with a 10 year rapid on site response warranty for the boiler gives the client the supply confidence they need.

Find out more about how we worked closely with Plymouth High School for Girls.

The school is a collection of the original listed building and more modern facilities added to the structure as the school grew and developed over the years.

Such an eclectic mixture of buildings are notoriously difficult to heat efficiently, and we were contacted by Paul Renyard, the Business Development Manager at Plymouth High School, and asked to design an efficient gas fired solution that would integrate with existing pipe-work and fittings in order to minimise disruption and cost.