Premium Plus Range

For clients who desire a higher degree of energy efficiency  we have our PREMIUM PLUS RANGE of Water Heaters. These are the most energy efficient standalone gas water heater systems currently on the market.

This WATER HEATER combines high performance grade A gas fired boiler, plus fitted as standard a Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device. This device extracts the latent heat within exhaust flue gas and stores it, to put it back into the water heater when required. AS with the PREMIUM RANGE all components are assembled in a space efficient frame ensuring the highest possible system efficiency saving both fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions this is the most cost effective method of incorporating recovered energy into a gas fired water heater.

This is a very compact  freestanding unit making it ideal for water heater upgrades where fuel efficiency and environmental impact is a critical factor.

As the WATER HEATER is totally prefabricated and is delivered to site pre-tested it only needs to be connected to the existing services and commissioned, saving time and installation costs and the down time of the existing services.

The Blade concept is to use a very efficient grade A condensing boiler either NG or LPG together with an approved Flue Gas Heat recovery Device, a plate heat exchanger matched to the boiler, these in combination with a stainless steel direct cylinder and destratification pump ensure a even more rapidly heat up from cold and faster recovery during operation (see this link to principle of design). This design has given our clients proven savings in both fuel costs and carbon emission at a cost effect price.

Our range of water  heaters include 30, 40 , 50 , 70 , 90 and 115kW boilers with either 200 or 300 litre cylinders.

They can also be linked together to provide higher DHW outputs and consequently more heat load for the larger premises.

If more efficiency is required, then please go to our recovery and renewable section in the website.

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How does the Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device work ?

We illustrate below how a Flue Heat Recovery Device (FHRD) can be incorporated into a BLADE WATER HEATER and can be used in conjunction with the hot water system.

The FHRD is installed within the boiler exhaust flue and extracts the latent heat within the flue gases. The incoming cold water supply is routed through the FHRD where it picks up heat from the flue gases. This pre-heated water then feeds the hot water cylinder.

By increasing the temperature of the incoming water, the boiler uses less energy (gas) to raise the water to the required storage temperature, thus greatly increasing the overall efficiency of the water heater. The more flue gas passing through the FHRD the more benefit is gained, therefore if the FHRD is used in conjunction with space heating, then the benefit is increased.

Technical Data